Computers will overtake humans with AI the next 100 years. When that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours. 

                                                                                           Stephen Hawking

Future development of artificial intelligence (AI) poses important challenges to humanity. For instance, the EU has expressed concerns about how AI development might result in the loss of jobs. This article explores another significant challenge of AI development; what happens when AI becomes truly independent of humans? Many great thinkers, f. ex. Elon Musk fear this aspect of AI, and, as we will illustrate in this article, perhaps they are right. Maybe we should be afraid of independent AI.

We will present a model called the Artificial Creation Model, encompassing two crucial elements of AI development; Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) and Intent. This matrix puts AI development in a different perspective, contributing to Stephen Hawking’s advice that “(…) we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours”.

Artificial Evil vs. HSI small

How does new technology transform your leadership position and create the digital  organisation? Read this article and let us know your thoughts and insights.

Many articles talk about the digital organisation, they divide this topic in people, processes, structure and culture, as described in this MIT Sloan/Deloitte article, but what about the hierarchy governing all these organisational aspects?

Our assumption is that your business strategy is partly or completely digital meaning that technologic possibilities like; Artificial Intelligence, robotics, big data analytics and future Quantum Computing (QC)  are included in the strategy and implemented in your organisation.

This article reveals how the hierarchy transforms while implementing your digital strategy, creating the digital process organisation.

 Changing Leadership Digital Era

As many predict, humans perform significantly less activities in digital era. Robots are slowly taking over both physical and more intelligent tasks. But, Glasspaper and Dynamic Integrations see new roles emerging while we develop and implement further steps towards artificial intelligence. When your business implements AI, a sequence of events will unfold. This article describes these events and the new roles we see emerging, as a result and a prerequisite for a successful AI implementation.
Developing Smart People digital era

Dynamic Integrations delivers software integrated with the first steps towards Artificial Intelligence. Implementing this software “SmartDialog” in a service management environment has led to several insights explained in this blog. It describes the “behaviour” of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a human dominated service management environment. The type of AI we use is explained, thereafter the challenges implementing it.

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