smart first line service support

AI as your first line support

Artificial Intelligence operating as first line support, relieving you employees from repetitive tasks, enabling your service centre to increase dedicated support to your customers.

SmartDialog is integrated with Artificial Intelligence, by using the latest technological breakthroughs. We call it Smart Interactive Dialog (SID). SID answers customer emails automatically. It goes through the existing database with previous solutions and generates an answer. All email handling, changing of metadata, reply given, etc. is registered in Smart-Dialog resulting in a 24-hour available immediate response to customer queries.

voice integration service management system

Telephone integration

Telephone integration in SmartDialog enables a connection between the customer contacting your service centre and all available data in the service management system.

Customer queries are answered from SmartDialog due to its integration with Telenors Mobil Bedrifts Nett (MBN). This enables an immediate popup of all customer information and open tickets in SmartDialog when a customer calls. An agent can also create directly a new ticket with all customer info preregistered. The ticket solving time registers automatically and the customer input is registered in the correct ticket. This integrated approach of important data registration makes SmartDialog a very powerful tool.

smart customer management

Service agent portal

A portal where you service agents can communicate directly with their coordinator while they execute assignments on site. Available checklists assure a first-time right delivery.

Communication is crucial between a service agent on site and the coordinator performing back office tasks. All service agents have access and can update to their assigned tasks on their mobile. Based on location, customer demands, the variable solution time for a task, and Service agent availability the coordinator can now maximise the effectiveness of the service agent workforce. Creating and updating tailormade checklists assuring a delivery done, first time right!

Service Level Management for effective service delivery

Service Level Management

Direct insight and responding to customer queries within agreed service levels is available within Smart-Dialog.

Managing customer expectations is done by an agreement on service levels. These levels are registered for each specific service your customer relies on you. When a customer contacts your service centre contacts these service levels become directly visible in the screen. Services delivered without service levels will be invoiced. This assures both satisfied customers and a healthy company cashflow.

service management through social media

Connected to all (social) media

Alle messaging from the important social media is part of this service management system.

Smart-Dialog is connected to all important social media. An agent manages a live chat with a customer from the customer portal and if required advanced meeting functionalities through video, voice, and text. Customers experience you as a reliable service provider for the future due to use of the latest technology.

smart customer management

Automated ticket assigment

Upon reception tickets are assigned based on several parameters taken from an agents calendar, skype status and the amount of tickets.

Customers receive either an immediate answer from SID or the customer query is assigned to a second line employee. The query is assigned based on several parameters, amount of tickets, telephone status, skype status and planned meetings. This minimises the response time of you service centre, 24 hours, every day.

Business effectiveness using Smart-Dialog

Automated Time Registration

Timeregistration is necessary for gaining insights into the support costs of service and products, offered by your business. This function can be adjusted to your specific needs.

Automatic time recording is a module connected to SmartDialog. Every second / minute, of an employee's work on any case is registered. Smart-Dialog also connects also to a call management system and records the time per answered call. This results in valuable data (time x hourly rate = cost) used to deliver a product / service and this happens automatically, preventing manual time writing by your staff.

Based on your unique organisation, you can adjust the level of automated time registration yourself, giving you exactly the insights you need.


Safe storage of own data and customer’s data is of utmost importance.

Your data and access to the service we provide is secured by Microsoft Azure. Data is stored per the highest safety standards, with several back-ups on different physical locations. Every security upgrade is at your direct disposal. Our services are hosted in the cloud, available 24 hours a day, every day. Making it possible to immediately fulfil your demands for capacity increase.

self-explaining service management system


Fast and immediate support is provided by the pop-up text from every SmartDialog function.

This service management system explains itself to every user. Nearly all functionality has a message explaining its functionality, ensuring a low-cost introduction to new employees. The more advanced functionality is explained through YouTube videos available to customers. SmartDialog functionality is built from a user perspective and its output is based on a customer perspective, generating value for both user and customer.


Continuous insight into the most important service delivery parameters with instant updates.

Monitoring the number of queries your service centre manages and each employee solves, is visible in a dashboard. This dashboard also shows a comparison with the previous month and the continuous flow of information through SmartDialog.

service management integration with global service providers


Our service management system is integrated with global providers of customer service functionality.

    • Telenor
    • Mobil Bedriftsnet – Telenors communication platform – Norway based company. Delivering the telephone integration with SmartDialog.
    • Microsofts Azure
    • Azure hosting – Microsofts hosting solution – USA based company. Hosting SmartDialog and assuring the security of your own and your customers data.