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Chills differs from other ecosystem because customers’ participate actively within the ecosystem. Customers’ ecosystem contribution consists of giving Chills backend feedback, improve the digital tools and engage in web- or seminars sharing insights and experience.


Many existing companies have expertise complementary to the Chills ecosystem. All companies participating take a role as customer, representative or partner.


Each company adds specific expertise to the ecosystem. Your additional expertise becomes visible and searchable for other members. Type, duration and number of collaborations within the ecosystem is a member decision and does not involve Dynamic Integrations.


Dynamic Integrations participates in the Chills ecosystem as backend provider and ecosystem orchestrator. The orchestrator role has 4 assignments following the guidelines in this

Boston Consulting Group article: “How to design an ecosystem”.

Four orchestrator assignments

Building a team with qualified resources needed for the ecosystem development, brand building and growth.

Managing the Chills portal member access, enabling all ecosystem members to connect directly.

Governance of the ecosystem, focussing on member responsibility and establishing an open member dialogue to review and update the ecosystem rules of engagement.

Investing in marketing & advertisement to increase the number of partners on the delivery side and customers on the receiving end.

We wish to develop this ecosystem in collaboration with all ecosystem members. There will be ample opportunity to share and implement ideas making this our ecosystem.


To support your digitalisation journey, we deliver the latest insights and practical advice from the network in articles. Extensive internet research, discussions with guest writers and other experts describe how to approach digitalisation challenges.

Browse through our articles revealing our insights starting from 2016. Discover the value for your organisation development. Insight in the future is one click away!

​Get an understanding of the different ecosystem types and the skills required to participate.

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